How to Use PR to Raise Brand Awareness Ahead of an Exhibition.

Exhibitions, although expensive, are a great opportunity for our clients to meet current and potential customers, journalists and other stakeholders all in one place.

However, it’s not enough to hope people will stop by your stand as they make their way around a crowded hall.

  • Exhibitions are not a public relations medium per se, but a versatile tool that can help you create awareness and enhance your reputation. However, in order to get the best bang for your buck, you need to attract people to your stand. The main goal for PR during an exhibition is to increase awareness of your company and your news to drive traffic to the boothTry to create a buzz about your presence at the exhibition and the news you have lined up to get journalists interested before they’re even in the hall 

    Most exhibitions have their own show daily, which is available every day, including both pre-written articles and the most recent news announced on stands. Make sure you know who is producing this and what types of content they are looking for and try to get a case study or an opinion article included in the show daily

  • Maybe it is worth distributing your news just before the exhibition rather than at it. With so many companies holding back their news for the big event you may have more space to make a bigger splash with your story before rather than at the same time as everyone else. During the show, make sure your company’s executives have time for a few media interviews to spread your message further. Keep in mind that giving interviews can be nerve-wracking, especially for the inexperienced.  As the PR specialist, your role is to facilitate and support the process, coach your colleagues and manage the journalists’ and the company’s agendas. 

    Last but not least, remember the event doesn’t end when you’ve left the venue. Make sure you follow up with all the leads you’ve generated and the journalists you have spoken to. Often, the editorial calendar is jam packed during an exhibition but journalists are often happy to cover your company in subsequent editions. 

    With the right preparation, exhibitions provide an excellent platform to build brand awareness and generate buzz. Attending an event, conference or exhibition offers your business the chance to connect with current and prospective partners and customers.


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