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The team at Softvity helped us develop a clear website design plan that made our website development process smooth and efficient. They were very responsive to our requests and helped us create a high-quality website that accurately represents our brand. We’re extremely happy with the end result and would recommend Softvity to anyone in need of web design and development services.

Avinash Roy
Chairman, Harmony Corporation

We don’t just develop your eCommerce store, We scale your Business profit through continuous improvements and reinforcements and market trends.

E-Commerce has been the de facto standard for shopping online in this era of development and fast paced environment. People are more and more used to use their smart phones with internet. Mobile Phone user has increased manifold and the desktop or Laptop user has also shifted to mobile phone.

Our Features

Increase Your Sales

Softvity enables merchants to sell more and scale faster than any other solution. Accelerate your growth with a variety of industry-leading marketing and conversion tools.

Drive more traffic

More than 30% of product searches begin on Google. That’s why our stores have best-in-class SEO built in to drive more free traffic.

Optimize your Business

We don’t just help you grow revenue; we empower you to reduce costs and streamline your operations.

Analyze and improve

Lets you see your most important metrics at a glance, or dig deeper to spot trends, remove bottlenecks, improve merchandising and increase customer.

We also ensure that there is a creativity in every design we make to give your E-Commerce website a professional look that would create a lasting impression on the minds of the visitors.

Our web design company focuses on all important and relevant features like development of design, selection of graphics and images, company logo and content management that would help you to achieve a global web presence.

You can transform your business to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want.

We provide a variety of ecommerce services, ranging from easily deployed solutions to advanced custom billing and invoicing systems. Our ecommerce solutions are precisely tailored to meet your needs and those of your customers.

We also offer ecommerce systems that are fully integrated into your content management website, using the same management features as your CMS, cutting down learning curves, training times and reducing complexity.

Users have been trained in ecommerce by the large suppliers, like Amazon, who are widely used. Users are already sophisticated. They have expectations and they already know how to use ecommerce. They also know what to expect. If you don’t give them what they expect, then they will just move on to the next supplier. What was once good may no longer meet the mark. And if your ecommerce service is like this, don’t be surprised if it is not flourishing.

We won’t try to offer you a massive ecommerce package geared to meet every possible requirement. We will give you a solution that meets your requirements, and those of your customers. If you are not shipping to Siberia, don’t expect to see that option in your system. If you are only offering two types of delivery, and two types of payments, then that’s all you and your users will have to deal with. Massive rambling, slow, heavy systems are a thing of the past.

With all our services we provide full analytics. This becomes extra important when dealing with ecommerce, where you have to measure everything. Measurement and comparison are how you develop your market. If idea A doesn’t give you the figures you expect, try idea B. And if idea B turns out to be good, then we will look at how we can improve it.

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