7 E-Commerce Optimization Strategies To Drive More Revenue

If you want to drive more revenue on your e-commerce business then these 7 E-commerce optimization strategies are for you. E-commerce is on trends these days because online sales are growing day by day. Let’s have detailed idea about E-commerce Optimization tips.

E-commerce, although it’s quite a while now for this term to be known by everyone. But to understand what actually e-commerce is, we need to date back our time to the days when computer technologies were finding their ways to be actually utilized out of the bound of military services only.

In 1980’s internet got its fame by connecting many networks all together that made a world to realize that how good this technology is. So when the internet was made available for public it was best chosen to socialize, build portals for universities, colleges, schools, or to play games and many other limited stuffs. It’s no surprising thing that buying and selling things also were taken to the internet in the later years.

E-commerce is nothing but a modern methodology of business which simply knows the requirements of any business organization and their products directly linking to their customers. In some technical terms, e-commerce is an easy way of doing commercial transactions online. So if you buy or sell something not by any traditional way but by utilizing the internet, then you are involved in e-commerce.

This term has come a long way and still booming up around the world because it has made the life much easier as compared to the previous century. E-commerce in itself is a great strategy to grow the business but we need to understand how well we can utilize the hidden strengths of the e-commerce. So here are some of the key points to optimize the e-commerce strategies to drive more revenue.

7 E-commerce Optimization Strategies for your e-commerce business growth:

Here are effective and proven 7 e-commerce optimization strategies you should try without wasting a single minute for your e-commerce business revenue growth

1. Start to utilize social media platforms more and more for business:

These days social networking has become such a powerful tool that it is expected to reach 3.02 billion monthly active social media users by 2021.

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and many others have come a long way and have made their platforms available for business as well. Facebook recently introduced marketplace which is a good platform to buy or sell new or used items.

With users in millions on Instagram, an easy strategy can be followed to target the right community.

  1. Just post the content in a regular interval of time
  2. Post images and short detail stuff everyday at least for three times
  • Comment on highly engaged users on competitors page
  1. Like the followers of competitors and follow
  2. Make good use of thoughts to create some text, image or video with a shorter length to show cast your product.
  3. Interact with followers and help them to resolve their queries to reach out to their desired product.
  • Give links to the other social media platforms on which you are available and try to include them in each of your posts.
  • Utilize Facebook ads which are available at much more cheaper rates.
  1. Dynamic product addition can be another strategy. It is for those who visit the page add products to cart but do not check out. Add some good stuff to their cart and offer them some good plans or products.
  2. Use product adds in the form of carousels which show multiple images and content of the products in a single post.
  3. Utilize Facebook timeline feed
  4. WhatsApp can be used to target a community, add users of interest in a group and offer some good plans and discounts.

2. Analyse, plan and rate optimization:

  1. To grow in any business we need to analyze the things very closely according to the market changes and offer the good stuff at the right time.
  2. To optimize business plan, one can opt for a getting data of all kind related to the website or related to the business trends. You can closely look into the facts that why people visit your website and why they leave and how much time they spend on your website. Analyse all such stuff and combine them as a future strategy to get over them with some really unique and new kind of things.
  • Conduct some good surveys from time to time taking no more time than 2 to 5 minutes. Surveys can include what is best, what can be preferred, what is liked by the customer, how was the service etc.
  1. Ask for some reviews of the product that might have been purchased by the user or not.
  2. Give information clearly on the website for each new launch of the product and what are the offerings from the company.
  3. Tie up with banks to make the customer feel very comfortable in doing transactions.
  • Use Ads services like Google Ads: This will result in good business over the internet.

Google reads the user behavior when they are anywhere on the internet. They will help you reach out to specific customers.

3. Traffic on the website – an important thing to survive online:

  1. To grow as a business unit over internet one needs to understand that domain ranking is very much essential, whether a website is offering products solely on cosmetics, or vehicle parts or any other thing, the only thing one should keep in mind is to give correct and accurate content and this is all managed through Search Engine Optimization(SEO). If you only look good it doesn’t matter but if you look good and have skills to utilize that thing to attract people then that impacts a lot. Same is there in online commerce as well.
  2. The Internet has a huge content available over it, so how it can be determined that yours is best or someone else’s is best. So to optimize your things at a good level where users see you and visit you online is achieved by SEO where domains are ranked and put in numbers in the certain amount of pages over google or some other search engines.
  3. Include keywords, in your content on the website that really impacts your business a lot. Keywords can be included in titles, contents, headings etc. so that user searches a word over internet and you find a place in first page of the search.
  4. Look for similar content on the internet over your competitor’s page or normally on any page. Analyse them and plan your strategy accordingly. Make content much more clear and unique.
  5. Hire an SEO Expert: It is a matter of fact that It takes less than 10 seconds for a user to lose interest when he/she get less or no response. So, it is really important that When a user comes to your platform, he should get the response as soon as possible. Hiring an SEO Expert may sound like an extra expense for your business, But It will make you in the race for the long run

4.Try E-mail Marketing to get in touch with your leads:

Email marketing can be other criteria to enhance the business over the internet and to expand the limits of e-commerce

  1. Email can be a good tool to attract customer, offer some cash back or some cool stuff and coupons or discounts on the products.
  2. Update customer on cool products that attracts him/her the most.

5. Promote your product features with the customer:

You can feature your product with additional services like

  1. Free shipping
  2. Easy refunds and replace with No Question asked policy.
  • Fast delivery
  1. Secure to use your platform for payments.

You can also use online surveys to promote features. In that way, you can also get to know, what your customer really need.

You can hire a sales team, which will help you promote features. A sales team will also help to make an excellent strategy for reaching customers

6. Use Workshops:

You can also promote your E-commerce by creating free workshops on Sundays. In these workshops, you can also help users, to get to know about your platform.

In these workshops, you can also get to know customer like

  1. What they don’t like about any e-commerce?
  2. What they really care about in your business type and products?
  • What makes them much comfortable?

7. Use Customer Feedback as your armor:

Yes, you heard it right. In this E-commerce war, use the customer feedback about your platform. Customer feedback will help you to work on improvement areas.

You can also reward your customer for being regular or for giving a good feedback. Work on that feedback and get back to your customer. In that way, you can make believe customer about, how much you care about quality.

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